I was left pretty speechless after discovering New Yorker Raveena and her debut single 'You Give Me That' back in January and ever since, I've been yearning for more. My prayers have been answered with 'Something's Gotta Give' which has a distinctly throwback production courtesy of the track's producer Everett Orr. Reminiscent of the heydays of Stacie Orrico, this breezy, summery jam is exactly what London Town needs in its current cold spell.

"'Something's Gotta Give' is a song I wrote after a period in my life where I experienced a lot of intense sadness and tumult - life just throwing me a lot of curveballs and negative energy at a young age," Aurora told Pigeons & Planes. "I turned a lot of that bad energy inward for a while, but after a point, it got really old and unproductive and I realized that even if I couldn't change certain situations that I was trapped in at the time, I could definitely take responsibility for my own happiness, success and intellectual/creative growth, and peaceful well-being." You can download 'Something's Gotta Give' right now for free via SoundCloud.