The first thing to say in support of The British Expeditionary Force is that they largely defy genre. They've been described as a strange marriage of indie and electronica, but all they seem to want to known for is being different to the swathes 'fruitless wanky indie bands' pervading the music scene. Mission accomplished: although there are elements of indie/electronica/post-rock thrown into Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu, you can never quite pin their dizzying blend of sound down to just one of these genres.

If I were pushed to define their latest offering in one word, it would cinematic. Unlike alot of records around these days, the vocals don't take centre stage - the soaring harmonies are there in abundance, but they meld in with the guitars and percussion so what we're listening to doesn't sound like several layered tracks, it sounds like one, unified sound. This might have something to do with the fact that Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu was recorded in one room, unlike their last album, which was put together mainly through the internet. It's a method I think has worked wonders for their sound - being in one place has made this record sound more harmonious, more whole.

However, beautiful though the sound is, it must be mentioned that it is slow. Constantly slow. To the point where, on 'Konstellation Neu', it actually stops. There's a brief respite with the slightly more up-tempo 'Where You Go I Will Follow', but then we are thrown back into the slow surge that typifies this album. The measured rhythm does lend a hypnotic atmosphere to the album, but when you get to the end of the 40 minutes, it feels like you’ve been listening a whole lot longer.

Following the release of Chapter One: A Long Way from Home, many critics described The British Expeditionary Force as 'promising', or a 'band to look out for in future'. There's no doubting the impressive musicianship, or the time and care that has been put into this delicate and precise album. But for me, The British Expeditionary Force haven’t quite got there yet- fingers crossed 'Chapter Three' will see them fully realise their hypnotic, cinematic style.