Having laboured under the misapprehension that The Bronx were a hardcore band for a number of years I was impressed to discover that they were in fact an impressive amalgamation of punk and rock and roll. Not saying that I dislike Hardcore, in fact it’s one of my favourite genres of music, but it was good to have my expectations subverted.

The songs on this, their third album, are all full of catchy hooks and meaty riffs and it moves on at a good pace. The album is bogged down a little by having a few songs which don’t sound too dissimilar but the big chorus’ and sing a long parts more than make up for this. It’s the kind of music that when you listen to it it gives you an electric charge and makes you want to do something, dance, fight, fuck, or all of the above.

The Bronx will be touring with Fucked Up in the New Year and I for one am looking forward to how they will make me feel when I watch them.