The Bronze Medal, named as they are for an Idlewild song, gave themselves a lot to live up to, but waking with a song in my head is usually a good indication of its emotional staying power. 'Milk' is one of those emotive indie tracks with the power to transform the most ordinary of acts into a climatic experience. No you aren't merely walking home from the station, or sipping your wine, you are in fact at the pivotal moment in your coming-of-age drama, suddenly aware of your wrongdoing and steeling yourself to make it right.

Opening with a deep, folky drum beat, The Bronze Medal delicately pluck guitar melody over melody in a lengthy intro before Robin Southwell sings in his gentle, weary tone a tale of snowy cities and summer skin. Chris Hillier's vocal harmonies and the guitars repeat a simple, cyclical refrain over and through each other, in an increasingly desperate round. It's a technique used equally effectively on the b-side, 'After You Were Quiet'. Sounding a lot like the ever so slightly more buttoned up English cousins of Glasgow's There Will Be Fireworks, I'm genuinely excited to hear the rest of the album.

Milk is released 20th June 2011.