There may be no partnership as delightfully surprising and confusing as The Bug and Earth. The former, UK-based producer and musician, is on the heels of his Angels & Demons LP, while the latter have stood as beacons of the drone metal scene since the early 1990s. The Olympia band are also on the heels of its own album, Primitive and Deadly, which was released in September.

Technically, the only member of Earth to join in for this mesmerizing new production 'Boa' is Dylan Carlson, who brings his iconoclastic guitar theatrics to the disorienting seven-plus-minute release. The Bug, Kevin Martin, brings tempers of minimal atmosphere to the blend, splicing Carson's guitar mastery with his syncing loops.

The majestic work came together for Record Store Day's Black Friday sale, held in the U.S. November 28th.

Listen below.