London industrial producer and all-around electronic enigma Kevin Martin, better known as The Bug, has announced his unexpected new album will be released this summer.

The Ninja Tune release Angels and Demons comes out August 25th, and will be the first official studio LP from Martin as The Bug since 2008's heralded London Zoo. The likes of Grouper, Inga Copeland, Justin Broadrick, Gonjasufi, and Death Grips, among others, will be featured on the LP. The latter two of which can be heard below with 'Save Me' and 'Fuck A Bitch'.

The album is set to be, according to the press release, split into two sides; angels and demons. The former expects to be psychedelic-centric while the latter figures to be more experimental. Get a listen to the two aforementioned tracks, pre-order the album on iTunes, and check out the full tracklist below.

  • Angels And Devils Tracklist:
  • 01 Void (ft. Liz Harris)
  • 02 Fall (ft. Copeland)
  • 03 Ascension
  • 04 Mi Lost (ft. Miss Red)
  • 05 Pandi
  • 06 Save Me (ft. Gonjasufi)
  • 07 The One (ft. Flowdan)
  • 08 Function (ft. Manga)
  • 09 Fuck a Bitch (ft. Death Grips)
  • 10 Fat Mac (ft. Flowdan)
  • 11 Fuck You (ft. Warrior Queen)
  • 12 Dirty (ft. Flowdan)