British producer Kevin Martin is The Bug. And as a surprising gift for long-time fans, the legendary soundsmith has presented five unreleased dublates on Facebook, which include unheard vocals by the late Spaceape.

"This was an officially commisioned remix, as sanctioned by Kyle/Microsoft.." Martin wrote with the links. "Stephen(The Spaceape) loved this, as did Kyle and i, but the clash members family estates wouldn't agree to it bein released due to internal wrangles. Shame. c'est la vie. I posted these three unreleased Bug/Spaceape tunes to say 2016 will be another year when Stephen Gordon, aka The Spaceape will not be forgotten."

Among the releases are three featuring Spaceape, which come by way of 'Systems,' 'Crossfire' and a remix of the Clash's 'Guns of Brixton,' along with two other tracks, '1 Gyal Style' and 'Sneak a Thief,' featuring Mentor Riddim and Miss Red. Listen below.