Release Date: Out Now Website: Being introduced to The Cab for the first time left me with a rather large amount apprehension toward listening to them. From the outset, The Cab has all the qualities and hallmarks of yet another recycled and commercialy marketed band with the same stylists and wardrobe, trying to pull off alternative pop punk;which has seemingly, as a genre been lost under a mound of bubble gum clones) with little finesse and originality. Unwillingly I lent these guys an ear - and surprisingly I actually appeared to be liking what I heard. In many respects The Cab's over all sound; which I can only describe as the tingly fresh feeling one obtains after brushing your teeth, is very reminiscent to that of Panic At The Disco during their heyday. In fact, lead singer Alex Deleon's vocals seem to almost emulate those of both a younger Brandon Uri (Panic At The Disco) and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) and as a fan of both those bands earlier work, I can see The Cab heading down the same popular path. Although much of Whisper War's content will indefinitely find itself being incorporated into the soundtracks of popular MTV Realityshows, for a first album The Cab have a number of #1 hits at their disposal! If you feel like opening all the windows in your house, turning up the stereo and jumping up and down on your bed then make sure you're doing it to The Cab! 7/10