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I know you've thought this. We all have. You've probably said it, maybe just five minutes go. Talking about somebody else you say, that person is nuts (or "crazy", translate into any patois you like). You might even take this a little further and ask yourself, "has anybody thought this about me?, hmmm, they probably have." And one step more, "maybe I am bonkers, but how would I know?"

I bring this up because politics, for me at least, brings up this kind of identity crisis constantly ("identity politics," ha, ha). Two people talking about the same subject without saying anything remotely similar. Everything is viewpoint. "You say banana, and I say … um, something else."

The turn the US race for the White House has taken this week highlights this. To make an obligatory Olympics metaphor, it really is like two runners competing but on different tracks. We've hinted at this so far in this blog. The two sides somewhat evenly drawn and facing each other down with moneyed firepower. The different approaches in campaign spokespeople. How the two teams are conducting their advertising and outreach. Team Obama, social media mavens, even in television advertising, targeting specific groups, trying to build a winning coalition combining small, organic networks. Team Romney, the big picture; Economy Bad, Obama Bad, say it a lot, a real lot.

It seemed this week that Romney admitted this (or something) wasn't working, so what did he do? As people often do when things aren't working, he doubled down. It's not just that the economy is bad and Obama is bad, but the entire world view of a good chuck of current Western Civilization is bad. Playing tonight; The Radical Conservatives!!! We'll restore our past and change your future. Yep, Obama promised change but he was a little vague about it (Obama might be a pretty smart man), but we'll tell you exactly what we're going to do. We're going to completely %#@% with everything.

That's what Paul Ryan, Romney's social conservative libertarian (um, what?) choice for the presidency, uh I mean vice-presidency (Romney made this slip when he first introduced him, but it turns out so did Obama when he first introduced Biden) is doing. Will it work for Romney? No it won't. It's totally absolutely crazy. They've gotta be nuts. Of course, maybe I am?

to be continued...


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