(suggested songs to listen to while reading: The Beatles, 'Can’t Buy Me Love'; John Lennon, 'Working Class Hero'; Paul McCartney, 'Band on the Run)

Once upon a time a-holes roamed the earth.

They came in all shapes and sizes as long as all shapes and sizes was one shape and size, the shape and size of the current Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

But then somethinc happened. Slowly, inexorably, as thing inexorably always go, slowly, the earth they roamed changed. New vistas visited upon the terrain. The topography became no longer a top-down-ography. A mass became a middle and a middle becomes a foundation. The world is different now. It has different colors, and different shapes and sizes. The oxygen is being shared, and the a-holes are gasping without their greater share of the air.

For all the talk of polls, and ads, and get out the vote, a Presidential election is about such movements. It is the sum of the parts. In other words it's the coming together of a coalition around an idea. The idea? The idea that you're a part of a coalition.

Black, Brown, Women, Young, Gays, and Men (those wanting to throw out their own old stultifying roles), not to mention for the sake of our 405 readers, Indie Rockers!, are this coalition. Barack Obama is their candidate. And. Their. President.

And the a-holes? This is their last hurrah. Even the expression the "last hurrah" deserves its last hurrah. I really don’t know what it means or where it comes from. But they do, the a-holes, and this is their last one. Now, a quick thought experiment. Run up to the United States' obnoxious sometime billionaire, Donald Trump, and try to remove that thing (you know his so-called "hair") off his head. Forget about his security, the guy himself would probably bite your hand off. The a-holes are going down, but they are going down with guns blazing (again I don't really know what "guns blazing" means or where it comes from).

They may even have one last election in them. They may.

It will be their last.

to be continued...


Mike Tyler is a celebrated post-beat poet who has been covered over the years everywhere from The Times to Wired. He is releasing his debut UK album, Erection, on August 20th via The Art Can Not Be Damaged.

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