The Chemical Brothers may be a couple of decades deep into their careers, but their energy only seems to be accumulating as they head into their ninth album, No Geography, due in March. Following on from last year's 'Free Yourself', their first new music since 2015, the duo has today released 'MAH'.

The new track stands for "Mad As Hell," and makes use of the signature phrase from Network, repeating "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it no more," over warp -speed beats. 'MAH' is not a particularly vicious track though, instead it seems like a space age call to dance and forget the outside world, with zapping synths and hyperspeed rhythms. Both 'MAH' and 'Free Yourself' seem to suggest that No Geography is going to be a hell of a fun album that should help us push through what looks set to be another trying year.

Check out 'MAH' below, with a video from their recent performances at Alexandra Palace - the full-length version is available now on all streaming platforms.