Haifa, Israel was recently inhabited by an unexplainable influx of monsters: in the streets, in the subway stations, on buses and outdoor walls. Through a series of street art installations and events from every scale—towering monsters depicted on buildings, monster themed films projected onto an eight-story-tall outdoor screen; design-your-own monster workshops in schools; monster-image buses—the City Monsters Project, which took place in Haifa, Israel this fall, aimed to bring a smile to the face of passerbys and encourage community participation. The project invited people, companies and institutions to take an active part in it by creating their own monsters; placing them in the city; assigning them a mission or providing them a home. Haifa-ins had a chance to seek out monsters throughout their city, mark their findings on a shared Google map or plot on the map where they installed their own monster. The project was conceived and created by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr of O*GE Interactive Gallery--engaged in promoting interactivity, design and social responsibility, through innovative, community-based ideas and solutions. For more details and images, visit CityMonsters website.