One of Britain's most fervently loved but perennially underrated bands, The Clientele, have left their fans high and dry in terms of new material for a number of years now. Their "indefinite hiatus" came to an end in recent years with a couple of gigs here and there, but today they have announced the news that every fan has been waiting for: they have a new album to release.

Music For The Age Of Miracles is their fist since 2010's mini-album The Minotaur, and is appropriately titled for those who thought there would never be another album from The Clientele. The inspiration for the album is largely around lead singer Alasdair MacLean's new fatherhood, with his Amor De Dias bandmate Lupe Núñez-Fernández.

But, the main impetus for recording this unlikely new album was McLean's reacquaintance with an old friend and collaborator Anthony Harmer whom he hadn't seen for a long time. McLean says “It turned out—he told me—he’d studied the Santoor, an Iranian version of the dulcimer, and over decades become a virtuoso, at least by my standards. He suggested we have a jam together. Ant and I now lived three streets away from each other, it turned out. He started to arrange my songs. He let me write and sing them and he came up with ideas for how they should sound. This carried on until we had an album. I called up James and Mark and asked them if they wanted to make another Clientele record. They did, and this is it.”

Music For The Age Of Miracles will see release on September 22nd through Tapete Records in Europe and Merge in North America - pre-order here. Get your first taste of the rejuvenated Clinetele with 'Lunar Days' below, which immediately puts you right back in those luminous London streets that they portray so well.

Music For The Age Of Miracles track list:

  • 01. The Neighbour
  • 02. Lyra in April
  • 03. Lunar Days
  • 04. Falling Asleep
  • 05. Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself
  • 06. Lyra In October
  • 07. Everyone You Meet
  • 08. The Circus
  • 09. Constellations Echo Lanes
  • 10. The Museum Of Fog
  • 11. North Circular Days
  • 12. The Age Of Miracles