The Coronet, a venue in Elephant and Castle, has reportedly seen severe restrictions placed on its license - specifically, according to London SE1, it has been banned from hosting "urban/house music" nights. This is following an incident on 8th November involving 15 people, in which one man was stabbed in the leg, pepper spray - or something like it - was discharged, and a gun was brandished.

"It is clear from initial reports that there has been a significant failure in security procedures at this venue," wrote PC Ian Clements in his application, recommending that the venue have its licence suspended. Instead in a meeting on 12th November, Southwark Council reportedly chose to put restrictions on the types of events The Coronet can hold, and also ordered the use of search arches.

A statement from Garage Nation reads:

"Initially we were told this would not affect us. However it transpired yesterday that Coronet were not going to be allowed to operate any kind of large scale music event meaning they are no longer allowed to hold events like ours in the interim period of review."

A full hearing to review the license of the venue, which recently renewed its lease until 2017, is due to take place on 8th December.