Johnny Marr will no longer be a part of The Cribs, both parties have announced this evening, but it's not a "band split", they stress.

Marr joined the Wakefield outfit in early 2008, playing live dates together before the release of the band's fourth record Ignore the Ignorant in 2009, but will now focus on solo material.

In a statement on his website, Johnny said: "Touring and recording with Ryan, Gary and Ross has been fantastic and 'Ignore The Ignorant' is something I'm really proud of. We ended up doing much more than we originally set out to and I've made three good friends."

The Cribs mirrored Johnny's sentiments with a statement on their website, also adding: "Right now we are in Portland and demoing in Gary's basement and it feels so liberating. We have a bunch of new songs and are embracing the lo-fi again. It never was about fancy studios and LA and all that. We are back in our usual environment and feeling good about it."

They'll be playing festivals this summer and then heading back into the studio to record their fifth studio album, whereas Johnny has announced an autobiography and will also be release 2 solo records over the next few years, as well as working again with The Healers.