The Cribs are going through a bit of transitioning lately, now operating as a three piece, but it looks like they're making the best of it. Having announced their new album For All My Sisters and its first track 'An Ivory Hand' a few weeks ago, they've already given us the second taste of the record in the form of 'Burning For No One'.

We were told that their new album would have hints of pop, and that's definitely clear on 'Burning for No One' - there are some pretty undeniable hooks paired up with some incredibly solid vocals, but don't let that fool you as it's not an entirely pop effort. It's still an indie rock track at heart with crunching chords abound, and all in all, it's one hell of a fantastic song.

For All My Sisters is out on 23 March via Sonic Blew / Sony Red.

Listen below.

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