After seeing the success of the 'Cronut' in New York City, and two months of recipe perfecting, British bakery Greggs are to release 'Greggsnuts'. Available for £1 between September 6th and October 1st, 'Greggsnuts' will be released in two flavours: caramel & pecan and berry & cream.

But what is a 'Cronut', and why is the 'Greggsnut' different? First of all, a 'Cronut' is croissant pastry in the shape of a donut, with a donut filling. A 'Greggsnut', however, will feature a different brand of cream to seemingly give the 'Greggsnut' its own identity.

Let's hope it tastes better than Greggs' ability to come up with puns. Seriously, "Greggsnut"? [via Design Taxi]

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