Fresh off a profile-raising appearance at their hometown’s Pitchfork Music Festival, The Curls have a new single and video. ‘Bad Boi’ is an engaging display of romance in rebellion (or rebellion in romance). In the bouncy first half (full of lovely horns and sweet backing vocals), lead singer Mick Fansler points to his indoor cigarette smoking as a sign of his “bad boi” nature. His beloved makes everything make more sense, including himself. As the song slows down, so do his thoughts. The refrain of “Let’s not talk about” isn’t the most reassuring, but who hasn’t needed a distraction (or ten?).

In the video, directed by Nat Alder and Connor Wiles (New Trash Productions), a small but spirited gaggle of protesters speak out against Fansler as the titular ‘Bad Boi,’ Between smoking (indoors) and vandalizing perfectly lovely nature portraits with crude doodles of Cartman and “We live in a society” we can certainly agree. However, as he makes him from his home to the interrogation room to lying bloodied on the pavement to a possible afterlife (as an homage to Top of the Pops) you’ll be damned if Fansler hasn’t won your heart.

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