Label: Almost-Musique Release date: 19/04/09 Link: Myspace Don’t let the decidedly wordy name of The Daredevil Christopher Wright be a turnoff. The titles and name all reflect small slices –‘A Conversation About Cancer,’ ‘We’re Not Friends,’ ‘A Near Death Experience at Sea,’ it all speaks volumes without being played. This sense of storytelling mixed with the band’s unfettered will to make a stand with their music have made In Deference to a Broken Back a long overdue album to be praised. In 1605 Christopher Wright thought helping out with the Gunpowder Plot (or Gun-Powder Plot, if you like your broadsheets) would be a good idea. Then again, so did Guy Fawkes and a few other folks. Despite the failed assassination attempt, the entire event has lived on in history. Wright was shot in a scuffle with the sheriff, and whatever happened to his body after his death is unknown. Even Wikipedia knows not what happened to this daredevil, historical vigilante, and assassin in the making. Fast forward to 2009. Now imagine the name is a band and the dude who sings sounds like a more hinged Jeff Mangum mixed with a touch of Elliott Smith in the high register, and that the music is really well done indie rock with a pop tinge or string quartets. Now imagine that as a reality, and it’s actually really good. Now lock yourself in you room or iPod dock with this album and get to know it real good and set after listening to it for about three weeks. That’s how good this one is. At times the production recalls equal amounts Yellow House and Slaves’ Graves & Ballads with its homegrown sound and closely recorded vocals, always polished but performed by people who mean what they say. Even the most downtrodden moments of the album are uplifting mainly thanks to the gorgeous melodies and uplifting arrangements, each second resonating with genuine emotion and honest songwriting. For a band from the Midwest named after a British anarcho-idol, they sure do have the possibility to become popular. Maybe even explode like gunpowder (har har har). OK, enough blathering, just listen to the damn music. Photobucket