Nottingham DJs Damien Stanly and Ged Day are the Deadbeats, and together they are making dark, smoky beats that sound like hazy, bass-heavy memories. Their new album Made in the Shade is a soundscape of ambient, down-tempo electronica from a slower dimension. Their first album on the Nightmares on Wax label, Made in the Shade is a comeback of sorts for the duo who formed back in 1995. Their sound generally echoes the decade of their formation, a kind of familiar, nineties, laid-back groove. And yes, the best-fitting word would have to be “groove,” as it seems to be what they aim for. The opening track Swing Me Like a Hip Hop Song brings to mind the intentional, slow, beating lounge pulses of the pop be bop of 1995 summer days spent watching MTV and dressing like a Fly Girl. Breath brings to mind older radio staples like Ace of Base and Toni Braxton. Though generally outdated, Deadbeats seem to fondly echo “the Decade without an identity.” Made in the Shade brings good feelings of the world before the recession, the War on Terror, and the general mess of 2K through its mellow, unpretentious, ambient beats.