It's been a confusing and violence-filled week for the hard hitting Death Grips, and it's not about to end anytime soon.

In case you haven't heard, there's been quite a bit of controversy about the "set" that Death Grips put on. They didn't show up, their music was blaring over the speakers and there was an empty stage full of their supposed "equipment". According to a promoter for the band for the show, the following was said.

"After Pictureplane's scheduled opening performance, fans of the band would be treated to a giant suicide note displayed on stage, a single drum set up, and one of the band's handlers backstage pressing "play" on pre-recorded music. No word on whether it would have been an actual compact disc or an iPhone. Neither Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett or Zach Hill would appear on stage or play or sing or jump around or anything. So not only would Death Grips not be performing, but they wouldn't even be at the venue. Or in the city. Bowery pulled the plug on the show over the weekend when they learned of the set-up, and apparently Death Grips' booking agents and managers had no idea this was what the band passed off as a live performance until the shit hit the fan at Lollapalooza, where fans destroyed the band's equipment and got really agitated at the perceived "no show."

Well, 405 readers, is this simply new age "art" or was it just another way to really irk fans, when they're supporting your wages?

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