Scandinavia meet Music, Music meet Scandinavia. I’m so glad that this turn of events transpired at some point in history, the landmass producing some of the more breathtaking music of this decade; a cliché but a true one. Maybe music does reflect its surroundings? That would explain why nothing of any note has come out of Dunstable. Specifically, Sweden provides the line-up for tonight’s festivities hosted by Sonic Cathedral, Sad Day For Puppets headlining and favs of The 405 The Deer Tracks providing support. Taking place at The Social, London’s first half corridor/half shoebox venue, intimacy is most definitely the word here; befitting for the acts involved. All seven members of The Deer Tracks squeeze onto the stage, including what I can only assume is a video-artist. A Projected screen onto the wall is an ever-present throughout the set, a mixture of moving images and animation complementing the ambience of tracks perfectly. Subtle enough to not distract, but engrossing at the same time. Multi-talented members pick up instruments seemingly whenever they see fit to, all adding to the layered, soaring nature of their music. Minus 10 points if you thought of that over-used term ‘Glacial’ there. The small things, the details, all add up to something special. More Mum than Icelandic counterpartsnSigur Ros, often utilising fast beats (despite no on-stage drum kit) underneath their melodic elegance; similar to The Postal Service in this respect. Slow Collision is perhaps a particular highlight, all the tracks coming off their debut LP Aurora, released next month in the UK. A modest bunch, the charming members constantly thank the audience for their support, and this gooey warmness transcends though their music and into the captivated crowd. Sad Day For Puppets despite being the headliners disappoint to a degree, maybe a tall order to follow The Deer Tracks. Plagued by technical vocal issues during the first track, they do however bounce back and get stronger as their set progresses. Future single Marble Gods is a fine example of their catchy 90’s influenced indie sound. The night was genuinely an experience to savour, especially if The Deer Tracks do reach the height of their hyped potential, for intimate dates like this for them may be a thing of the past very soon.