There are many different styles of London websites, all featuring cool London setting and Brit-inspired visuals. Like other websites around the world, London websites have more or less the same features. In this post, we are going to discuss the different styles of London websites.

Basically, the different styles of London websites you will find online are based on the degree to which they can be optimized for different devices and how dynamic the content is. When it comes to categorizing the websites on how they can be optimized for all devices, their design can be placed into three categories.

Static - Also known as fixed, this kind of website is not optimized for different screen sizes. It’s built with a fixed width of pixels. When you use your phone to access a static website, you will have to zoom in to see the details on it. One of the main advantages of static websites is that they may load faster because of their simplicity.

Fluid - A website that has a fluid or rather a liquid design ensures it looks the same with regards to proportion regardless of the screen size you are viewing it on. All the elements of the website such as navigation bar will occupy relatively the same amount of space on nearly any device.

Responsive - A website that has a responsive design is a lot better than a fluid or liquid design. A responsive design is optimized for tablets and mobile phones. A website with this design will take a different look on the different devices you access it on. Many websites in the UK are responsive considering the fact that many people use mobile devices to browse rather than their computers as it offers the best user experience.

London websites can also be categorized by content. This is the largest category of website styles, and the list could go on forever, although the categories are likely to overlap.


A blog can be defined as a website or a web page that is updated on a regular basis. A blog can be run by an individual or several people. It can also be on any niche, but it is usually written in either an informal or conversational tone. Professional blogging in London is increasingly becoming popular.


Many businesses are today are finding that they must at least have a basic website in place to appear professional and credible. Although many businesses in London don’t sell directly through their websites, they provide information that customers need to know and let them know how they can reach the company.


For so many years, financing a new project or business venture involved seeking money from only people you know. Crowdfunding involves funding a venture or project by collecting small amounts of money from many people. You can create a short video for your project, set a target and hope to reach it before the deadline. If your pitch is convincing enough, well-wishers will send in their contribution. Crowdfunding websites have become the go-to resource for many businesses in London.


e-Commerce websites are usually combined with blogs or completed websites, but its goal is to sell products or services online. A businesses website that doesn’t feature the e-commerce functionality indirectly encourages users to buy a service or product; however, the main difference is that they cannot do this through the website itself.


There are many magazine and news websites that are London-based. The purpose of these websites is to update its readers on the current affairs. The difference between news websites and magazines is that the latter focuses more on entertainment.


When you perform a search like “How to clean a fridge”, or “what are the different types of cars?” chances are that you will get a range of websites offering educational or informative content. The aim of these websites is to provide users with the information they need.

Social media

Many people in London use social media sites. These sites are pretty much unique with regards to content and functionality. The purpose of social media sites is to share images, thoughts and ideas. They are increasingly becoming the go-to sites for people who want to read about news and other important information. The advent of social media sites has led to the invention of new terms such as ‘fake news’ which was named by Collins Dictionary in 2017 as their word of choice.

Video streaming

Video streaming sites have risen in popularity over the last few years. Today, people can stream videos and even watch live events. Gamers can also play their favorite games online and even get the feel of live casino from the comfort of their homes. One such site that offers virtual gambling in London is bCasino. The casino has friendly dealers who work hard to make sure that gamers have the best gambling experienced. The online casino uses the latest technology to provide real-time gaming for a range of games, including blackjack, baccarat, and others.