The Dismemberment Plan have announce details of a new album, their first since 2001's Change.

The Washington D.C. band reunited for a series of shows in 2011, but have been quiet ever since. That is until today. Uncanney Valley will be released on October 15th via Partisan, and was produced by J. Robbins in Baltimore.

"We weren't going to get anything good unless we could trick ourselves into staying in that place where it was creativity for its own sake," says Travis Morrison. "It was a real blessing and opportunity to be in that space again without thinking we had a product to deliver."

Watch them perform 'The Face of the Earth':

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. No One's Saying Nothing
  • 2. Waiting
  • 3. Invisible
  • 4. White Collar White Trash
  • 5. Living in Song
  • 6. Lookin'
  • 7. Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer
  • 8. Mexico City Christmas
  • 9. Go and Get It
  • 10. Let's Just Go to the Dogs Tonight

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