UPDATE: The band's Travis Morrison has taken to the band's Facebook page to talk about the new songs

"Travis here.

We played a bunch of new songs this weekend at our shows. Eight to be exact! It went well, we think. We have a bunch more coming so we're going back to the lab to work on brand new ones and tweak these. No plans for recording as of yet, although certainly those conversations are happening now.

Beyond that, the shows were great. The venues, the crowds, all of it. So great to play in arts-positive spaces like FAA and the Metro Gallery. Observe the attached photo from Fredricksburg to get an idea of some of the craziness that went down."

On Friday The Dismemberment Plan debuted new songs - a whopping 8 in fact - for the first time in 11 years during a show at Baltimore's Metro Gallery.

Watch fan footage of six of the tracks below including a cut about North Virginia entitled 'White Collar White Trash' - via setlist.fm