Label: Get Down Records Release Date: 27th April 2009 Link: Myspace here So why did The Do feature on so many end of year ‘Bands to look out for in 2009’ type lists?  Is it because of singer Olivia’s unique Bjork like beauty? Is it because boy girl 2 piece acts that aren’t completely twee catch our imagination?  Maybe it’s because their Myspace location is down as Paris & Helsinki, European’s ay? Sexy. This is all well and good but the real reason of course is because of their music. At last is a single that perfectly showcases Olivia’s sultry tones, as did previous release On my shoulders, it really is a voice that could reduce glaciers to puddles. The track is a simply knitted affair, lightly plucked guitar and bass over drums that act to cushion the smooth rhythm of the vocals, the occasional harmonica also adds to the charm. Lyrically it is a love song make no mistake, “At last the love that I was dreaming of is mine, been walking on air for the last 92 hours”, but there is something about this that I really love.  This type of low-key song wouldn’t normally raise an eyebrow from a music lover such as myself who normally requires pounding skins and tonsil tearing vocals to sit up and take notice. This is pretty magic stuff though guys and well worth getting yourselves 4 minutes of eyes closed, switch off, relaxation time. The fact that it’s the same bands that produced the crazy Hip-Hop fused wackiness of Playground Hustle further convinces me of their ability to justify the inclusion in those end of year lists.  The band are performing up and down the UK over 4 days between 10th May – 13th May so get your gigging shoes on kids. Top class.