Following its 2013 LP Carrier, San Francisco duo The Dodos have officially announced its sixth studio album with the forthcoming Individ.

Working at its usual prolific nature, Individ will be The Dodos' sixth album since the 2006 debut Beware Of The Maniacs, and the second since officially moving to Polyvinyl Records. "The best time to make a record is right after you've finished one," says guitarist and lead singer Meric Long on the news.

"The songs came together easily, there was not a lot questioning, just moving ahead with the feeling that we were on the right track. We were freed up to do whatever came naturally," he continues. "In a lot of ways making this record brought us back to making [the band's 2008 album] Visiter, relying heavily on the movement that occurs between just two instruments, guitar and drums. From the first take of the first song we tracked, things sounded huge and that set the tone for the entire thing."

The album's first single 'Competition' is the controlled rush familiar with Carrier. Long and bandmate Logan Kroeber rifle a deceptively amped pace on drums and acoustic guitar, but manage to keep the manic nature in magnetic harmony.

The album debuts February 10th of 2015 on Polyvinyl Records in the U.S. and Morr Music in Europe.

Check out the tracklisting below:

  • 01 Precipitation
  • 02 The Tide
  • 03 Bubble
  • 04 Competition
  • 05 Darkness
  • 06 Goodbyes and Endings
  • 07 Retriever
  • 08 Bastard
  • 09 Pattern/Shadow