Now ten years on from their breakthrough second album Visiter, The Dodos barely seem to be slowing down - even with singer Meric Long having had a child in the last couple of years. This week they have announced the release of their seventh album Certainty Waves, for release through Polyvinyl on October 12th. The new album sees them harking back to that album of a decade ago, as Meric Long has opted for more electric guitar this time out.

Judging from lead track 'Forum', it has given The Dodos a shredding and swirling poise that they haven't had for a little while. Long's vocals are often lost in the tumult of the storm being whipped up by himself and powerhouse drummer Logan Kroeber - but the understated dissatisfaction still shines through, along with a couple of his trademark yelps. 'Forum' is galvanising and thrilling, showing no indication that The Dodos have lost a single step in the ten years since their breakthrough. Check it out below.

Certainty Waves comes out on October 12th through The Dodos' long-time label Polyvinyl.