The Dream Life are Cleo, Baby, Danny and Pablo; a dance collective based in Manchester, who all live, produce and perhaps most importantly, party together. They've become something of local celebrities for throwing parties in various locations across the city and have collaborated with a number of local artists. Now, they're looking to take their electronic dance sound global with their debut single 'Lonely', which - lyrically - is about social media addiction and how it can ultimately leave one feeling isolated from real life. Sonically, however, it parts it pays homage to Manchester's signature '90s sound but with an updated House-flavoured bassline, backed by some passionate yet guttural vocals.

"It's easy to become addicted to social media," the band said in a press release. "It's easier to check your Instagram rather than 'get up out of bed'. It's easier to text the friend you've not seen for a few months rather than meet up for a coffee. It's easier to share your condolences with a 'like' than to send someone flowers. It's far too easy to keep coming back to, hoping that there will be something new today." Watch the video below and check out the band on Facebook.