Terius Nash, better known as The-Dream drops his latest effort, the imaginatively entitled IV Play this coming May, but in the meantime the crooner has teamed up with Mick Boogie to put together this fifty minute mix.

Containing all of his hits to date, the 'Parental Advisory' mix also offers a taste of what to expect in two months time with some new material. You can listen to the full mix below followed by the full tracklisting.

    The-Dream - Parental Advisory;

  • 1. Ditch That
  • 2. Dope Bitch
  • 3. I Luv Your Girl
  • 4. My Love
  • 5. Shawty Is The Shit
  • 6. Love Again
  • 7. Nikki
  • 8. Roc
  • 9. Walkin On The Moon
  • 10. Slow It Down
  • 11. Falsetto
  • 12. Rockin That Shit
  • 13. Fancy
  • 14. Throw It In The Bag (Remix)