The Drury Brothers are on the cusp of releasing their first EP, but you wouldn't know it from their refined sound. Packing with passion, melody and even a bit of classic rock sneer, The Drury Brothers have a well-crafted and fully-formed sound that is on full display on their brand new single, 'Fairytale.'

Featuring some slight synths and electronic flourishes before pushing into a pulsating, crunchy guitar riff, 'Fairytale' highlights the band's power to craft and shape a tune that feels fresh and nostalgic all at work. And if you are to believe the band's titular brothers, this sound was not cultivated on accident.

"It's like everything and nothing you've ever heard before," say Adam and Dalton Drury. "Be yourself and be a badass. The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency."

You can stream the 'Fairytale' below and keep a look out for the band's debut EP this October.