We're all just trying to catch a vibe. The Dutch hip-hop scene has one all their own.

From Amsterdam to Rotterdam, there's a rap community speckled throughout the Netherlands that's bursting with extreme hidden talent with global potential. It doesn't seem to matter if you speak the language or not when production is enough to rattle your inner-workings and laid-back cadences insist on easy listening. The thing with music is, sometimes energy is just enough.

Bijlmer-based artist, Yung Nnelg is one rapper currently buzzing on the streets of Amsterdam, following the release of recent project Contra. This year, the young MC will take the stage at the world-renowned Appelsap Fresh Music Festival in the Dutch capital, alongside many of his rising local peers. (Not to mention international artists like Lil Wayne, Dave and Young M.A.)

Ahead of this summer's Appelsap Festival, Yung Nnelg caught us up on his favourite Dutch hip-hop acts at the moment. Here's who to look out for:


Grgy - Pink Hair Shawty

"Most people know GRGY as a producer and sometime collaborator on the tracks, but he is a genius in everything he puts his mind too and that comes to show on this track as well."

Bokoesam - Solo

"In the beginning of my career when I didn't have a lot of notoriety and reached out to Sam (who was quite popular at that time and an even bigger star as we speak) to collaborate he immediately said yes. He didn't have to do it, but he still showed love. Solo is his first solo-album so the title track is quite a suiting pick."

Ray Fuego - Playa

"One of the best rappers in the Netherlands. Period. One of the best peformers in general. Period. And a rockstar who pours his emotions in all his tracks and projects. Be on the lookout for his debut EP that's coming up pretty soon."

Idaly - Eindelijk

"Idaly is one of the most talented artists in the Netherlands which still has to really blossom and grow. We already worked together on a project called 'Veldentaal' and to witness how he creates tracks and finds melodies so musical is quite the thing to watch. Idaly is really dope and you will hear a lot more from him in the future for sure."

Tads Thots - Onkie

"You can't place this man's sound and flow in one category and his out of the box style is captivating. Although sometimes you may not understand what he's taking about, you still will feel the vibe and if you discover what he's talking about it makes it even so much sicker. He just needs to hurry up and finish that Anti Fu-Fu ep, we need that...

These are all close friends of mine and artist that I worked with a lot over the course of my career. I really like how all these artist have their own sound, but when it comes together it still fits and clicks really well sonicly. I think these are artist that bring something different, but really good to the table in the hip hop scene as it is now."

Yung Nnelg - Hoofdprijs

"I really feel like Hoofdprijs portrays the artist that I am. It eludes to aiming for the highest and that along the road it can be tough, but if you persevere you'll end up with the 1st price!"

For tickets and more information regarding Appelsap, head here.