The Echo Friendly has been dropping songs for over six years and, this Friday, they'll be dropping their second full-length LP. Surveying The Damage is sure to be a treat for fans of the Brooklyn band's propulsive indie sound and candid lyrics. New single 'Power Through' is something of a mission statement for the record, offering listeners an empowering anthem to get you through these bleak times.

Featuring a rollicking bass line and rumbling drum arrangement, 'Power Through' has a carefree energy that is partially contradicted by Shannon Esper's lyrics about the difficulties of day-to-day life. "Don't matter what I do," she sings with her husband Jake Rabinbach. "Yoga, drugs, meditation, therapy, nothing works. Guess I'm gonna be anxious until the end."

But, as 'Power Through' states, the one thing that can get you through all that anxiety and stress is the love of your closed ones. "Without you by my side, I know that I'd just run and hide from all the things I know that I'm supposed to do," the band sings. "But I power through with all my love for you."

"It's a song about loving your partner and your band mates enough to survive the constant anxiety of life under late capitalism," explains the band. And to be honest, few songs feel more fit for these times than what The Echo Friendly have cooked up here.

So listen to The Echo Friendly's 'Power Through' below and be sure to check out Surveying The Damage when it drops this Friday.