"Can I be related too, "Fredrik Lindson asks over haunting bird cries and Johnny Marr's Rickenbacker guitar on The Embassy's new single. The somewhat rural sound on 'Related Artist' is the first from the band since 'Roundkick' last year, and precedes Sweet Sensation, their first studio album in eight years. The Gothenburg duo, that coined the term 'Underclass disco', is still the opposition. Still fighting the shackles of class, inadequacy and expectations (only a tad more subtle than they used to, dressing up in yacht gear waving 'Be Anti American' flags). The band's longing for something more, something to relate to is as present now as it was in 'It Pays To Belong' from 2005's Tacking.

But how do you stay true to yourself while constantly moving forward? By using your original recipe of breezy electro, dry drum machines and eighties guitars. Just adding a sip of maturity. And a cuckoo. Or as the band put it on their website:

"We must die as self-righteous and be born again in the swarm, not separate and self-hypnotized, but individual and related."

Sweet Sensation is out February 26 on International.