Label: DC RECORDINGS Release date: 14/05/09 Website: URL Reviewing this single for me was a lucky dip. Confronted with a list of tracks to review, admittedly not knowing 75% of the artists, I decided to go for this track. The “crazy disco” in brackets drew me in – I thought it was going to be reminiscent of 70’s disco with an electro beat to boot. However after a good few listens I feel “repetitive lift music” may have been more appropriate. Ok, disco is not my favourite genre or one I am particularly familiar with so I thought I’d try something new. The song Kananana begins as expected, an almost electo, futuristic intro and for me this was probably the best part of the song. No actually, the best part of the track has to be the monotonous chanting of “Kananana”, which is almost humorous. (Whether it is supposed to be is another matter!). After listening to this track a few times one does start to wonder “what does “Kananana” actually mean?!” and for all you curious I can inform you as far as my research concludes, Kananana is a city in Namibia. However, there are certainly no African influences here. For me this track was a repetitive disappointment which sounded like it was composed one of those built in backing tracks on a Casio – but not in an “old school” ironic type way. Whether it was an issue of personal taste or lack of knowledge of “crazy disco” that has prevented me for liking this track I do not know. Someone prove me wrong and shoot me down! But, for the “Kananana” chanting alone I can force out a … Rating:3/10