The Entrepreneurs are a trio from Denmark with a reputation for putting on spirited live shows and writing sharp songs. They've recently signed with Danish label Tambourhinocous, who will be releasing their debut album Noise & Romance on February 1st of next year. Ahead of that, they've released the song 'Joaquin', which speaks to the heart of The Entrepreneurs' raison d'être: the energy of being cut loose from the real world and feeling completely liberated. Bass player Anders Hvass explains this further:

"The lyrics are about breaking free from everything holding you back, and about those who are not breaking free from these bounds. All in all it’s a playful, naive and energetic track with heavy notes of nostalgia both lyrically and musically.”

The fluorescent nature of youth comes resounding out of every blurred guitar strum in 'Joaquin', which is emphasised further by the lovably wayward vocal that coasts through the track. Fueled by freedom, 'Joaquin' is a dynamic track, surfing from melodic shoegaze riffs into contemplative break downs, replete with production tics that show ingenuity and add momentum to The Entrepreneurs' unstoppable aural dash.

The video for 'Joaquin', directed by Asger Møllsøe, picks up on both the themes of freedom and The Entrepreneurs' fluid rock, as it follows a young skateboarder on a day completely free from hassle and responsbility. Hvass tells us more about it:

"The boy is skating around — lonely, but thoughtful and trying to find a direction in life. It is a tribute to being young — having all the time in the world with no restraints and just skating around in an endless summer. It’s the portrayal of a teenager in between places feeling restless with hope and limitless freedom."

The Entrepreneurs' debut album Noise & Romance comes out February 1st and can be pre-ordered from their Bandcamp.