At last weekend's 74th Annual Golden Globes, Donald Glover snatched up two Golden Globes: one with his cast for Best Comedy or Musical Series and the other for Best Actor in a Comedy Series (both for the critically acclaimed show Atlanta).

Donald took the stage both times, giving a legendary thank you to those often unmentioned in rooms such as the Golden Globes, even thanking "the Migos" for creating their hit song 'Bad & Boujee', leaving a predominantly white middle-aged audience dazed and confused.


In his follow-up win he thanks "all the black people" of Atlanta. Giving the city its props for its distinctive black excellence and historic achievement.

For those of you completely out of touch with greatness, the show Atlanta proved itself to be comedy gold with its debut season, tackling racism, classism, sexism, and countless other social experiences from an unapologetic and diverse perspective. The show is provocative, uninhabited, and subtly distinct. It serves to be a perfect representation of the many facets of its creators. The mainstream now seems to be waking up to the boundless creativity of Donald Glover; his resume and catalogue is extensive.

Some might not know that Donald Glover received some of his major credits as a writer for 30 Rock from 2006 -- 2009. He also hosted his stand-up comedy special Weirdo while gearing up to establish his musical alter ego, Childish Gambino.

After dropping a series of EPs and mixtapes, Glover began to make it clear he was no amateur in lyrical sparring. Who can forget this interview on Sway in the Morning where he dropped this freestyle slaughter while mixing conversation, lyricism, and knowledge into a rap masterpiece:

Let's not stop with the freestyle - how about when he elevated himself out of the box of just Hip-Hop by displaying an effortless rendition of Tamia's R&B classic, 'So Into You'?

His vocal ability served as no surprise to true cult followers of his music. He bodied the hooks of several of his tracks with little to no effort. But the surprising aspect of Donald Glover is wherever (or whenever) you find him in his career, you are likely to meet an entirely different artist.

As a musician we have seen him drop impactful lyrics on EPs like Royalty then shift gears to the more hipster release, Because of the Internet

Yet, none of those prepare you for the musical journey of his latest release, Awaken, My Love!

The psychedelic kaleidoscope of musical epicness takes listeners on a vivid journey of self-awareness, black love, race relations, and wisdom while insisting on provoking ethereal vibes. With sounds indisputably reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic, it's a complete departure from anything we'd heard from Childish Gambino.

Now that we've discussed his musical genius, to know we have only just scratched the surface of a multifaceted talent such as Donald Glover is mindblowing. As an on-screen talent, his diversity is proving to be just as broad and limitless. He will be starring in the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo standalone film as Young Lando Calrissian - a complete contrast to his FX character Ern on Atlanta.

What Donald Glover has proved is that some artists are ahead of their time, and the industry has to catch up to their visionary talents. Though he has played a very low-key position while dropping jewels as he seemingly awaited the perfect temperature of the industry, Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover is a persistent artistic polymath whose redefining of barriers continues to solidify him in a league of his own.

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