The great thrill of life is not knowing what's around the corner. Improv - where commitments aren't pressed in ink but instead directed to split-second decisions lead by what simply feels right. Jazz improv - where agreed upon tempos, chords or progressions aside, the idea is to transcend forethought and be only where the music is happening. There aren't stenciled lines on the canvas, man.

In a 2014 interview with Salon, Flying Lotus, founder and Captain Murphy of Brainfeeder, shared his view on contemporary jazz music:

"I think everyone, with jazz, it's gotten so in the box, you know? It's gone quite stale over the past 20 years, and when you talk about it, people think of it as like elevator music now. But there's still people hidden, man. There's still some shit and places to take it. Especially now that we have the technology and capabilities, we should be trying to take it further; we should be trying to change it up."

In its 7 years of existence (b. 2008) the label has continued to deliver unpredictably progressive music, with Flying Lotus and his crew of superhero aliased producers always doing their best to take things further. Use this 15-song playlist as your essential introduction.

  • Tracklist:
  • Austin Peralta - 'Capricornus'
  • RYAT - 'Howl'
  • Teebs - 'Shoouss Lullaby'
  • Gaslamp Killer - 'Nissim'
  • Taylor McFerrin - 'Decisions'
  • Thundercat - 'Oh Sheit, It's X!'
  • Flying Lotus - 'Zodiac Shit'
  • Flying Lotus - 'Between Friends' (featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy)
  • Daedelus - 'Pre-Munitions'
  • Thundercat - 'For Love I Come'
  • Teebs - 'Just the Yellow Bits'
  • Taylor McFerrin - 'Already There'
  • Flying Lotus - 'Camel'
  • Lapalux - 'Closure' (featuring Szjerdene)
  • Daedelus - 'Battery Smoke'