It's wild how far music can really take you. From the comfort of your room to the studio of your favourite artist through your headphones. From the streets of East London to a headlining slot on a stage halfway around the world off the strength of a dream and you're own damn sound. Dizzee Rascal has been taking it there for nearly fourteen years now and his music milestones are nowhere near finished. That's what you get when you've cemented a legacy.

Later this summer, Dizzee will help celebrate the longevity of not only his genre-defining royal UK rap discography but also a pinnacle pilgrimage that has supported the grime scene he helped build for the past decade. Outlook Festival, Europe's leading sound system culture festival, is turning 10-years-old this summer. And to celebrate, Captain Roscoe will deliver a career-defining set inside Pula Croatia's 2000-year-old coliseum.

Leading up to this summer's grime holiday, we compiled a list of some of Dizzee Rascal's most important tracks.