Sure, I'm from the 6. It's taken a while to grow comfortable enough to consistently say that out loud however, not because of any shame attached to it, but rather the opposite. Like most things Torontonians do, any hesitation was certainly driven by pride, as the city's booming metropolis is so diverse and multi-faceted that the thought of approving a singular narrative to indulge the world's stage at the hands of one artist's rebranding was understandably enough to initially waver on. But if anyone has come through, delivering on that clichéd promise to put one's city on one's metaphorical back, it's Aubrey Graham, who is soon to dedicate his fourth studio album to the place he's continued to champion since the beginning of his now preeminent career. It's time for Drake's Views From The 6.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Toronto rapper's producer counterpart Noah '40' Shebib stated that the 6 God's forthcoming album is slated to be "what everybody expects and wants from Drake and from us," which certainly begs the question: What do we really want from Drake, one of rap's most consistent yet versatile artists, this time around? From 2007's Comeback Season to his 4X platinum album Take Care to an unparalleled batch of Grammy-nominated SoundCloud loosies, Drake has certainly set a precedent, while leaving ample to anticipate.

So here's your checklist: Views will most certainly feature the inspired hunger we first heard from early releases like the self-assured Lil Wayne-assisted 'Ignorant Shit,' Drake's emotional vulnerability trademarked through renowned 'Marvin's Room' and Rihanna-accompanied 'Take Care,' along with the caption-savvy Drake-isms made prominent through radio hits 'Headlines' and '0 to 100.' There's no doubt the boy will flex his writing chops, (especially following last year's ghostwriting accusations,) as welcomed on venomous lyrical cuts '5AM in Toronto,' while adding some final jabs to previous beefs like the willfully petty 'Back to Back' and 'Summer Sixteen.' And perhaps most excitingly, we can expect a fusion of worldly sounds and summer anthems like the ones delivered on smashes 'Hotline Bling' and 'One Dance.'

So with just a few days to spare comes an essential Drake playlist to prep for what he has in store for the 6 and the world.

  • Tracklist
  • 1. Successful feat. Trey Songz
  • 2. Best I Ever Had
  • 3. Ignorant Shit feat. Lil Wayne
  • 4. Marvin's Room
  • 5. Headlines
  • 6. Take Care feat. Rihanna
  • 7. 5AM in Toronto
  • 8. 0 to 100
  • 9. Worst Behavior
  • 10. Know Yourself
  • 11. Jumpan feat. Future
  • 12. Back to Back
  • 13. Hotline Bling
  • 14. Summer Sixteen
  • 15. One Dance