A couple of years ago, a petition appeared online asking for Vienna's airport to be renamed Falco International Airport. I promptly signed it, of course, although I'm pretty sure it didn't go anywhere. Nevertheless, one can easily understand why such petition was put together in the first place: as its signees kept stressing, there was no other 20th Century Austrian as internationally notorious as Falco -- except maybe Hitler, but I don't think anybody would want to name an airport after him. The singer often praised his hometown in his songs -- 'Vienna Calling', 'Wiener Blut', 'Ganz Wien' --, and helped put the Austrian capital on the global music map, with 'Rock Me Amadeus' being the first non-English-sung track to reach number 1 on both the US and UK charts.

Yes, you may only know him for that 1985 hit, whose chorus is now stuck in your head due to my merely mentioning the title, but Falco is so much more than a one-hit wonder. From his excellent debut LP Einzelhaft to his weird dabbling in techno with 'Mutter Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da' passing through his brilliant third album Falco 3, he mixed new wave, pop, electronic, and what is known as Neue Deutsche Welle in a genius-like way, as his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and somehow controversial attitude made sure he wouldn't be forgotten so soon -- even after his untimely death in 1998, aged only 40.

This playlist focuses mainly on Falco's greatest hits, and includes a bit of (almost) every step of his career, from the breakthrough 'Der Kommissar' to Nachtflug's 'Titanic'; from 'Jeanny''s controversial stalker story to swan-songish 'Out Of The Dark', and it will hopefully enhance your curiosity on his work. As a bonus, we've also included Falco 3's intimate closer - a laid-back cover of Bob Dylan's 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue'.

And while you're at it, be sure to check out Thomas Roth's excellent 2008 biopic Falco - Verdammt, Wir Leben Noch!, in which Manuel Rubey flawlessly incarnates the late musician (even Grace Jones plays a small role). Now hit play below and Falco-nise yourself.


  • 'Der Kommissar'
  • 'Ganz Wien'
  • 'Junge Römer'
  • 'Rock Me Amadeus'
  • 'Vienna Calling'
  • 'Jeanny'
  • 'America'
  • 'Wiener Blut'
  • 'Titanic'
  • 'Out Of The Dark'
  • 'Mutter Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da'
  • Bonus track: 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue'