To tie in with our Neon Gold Fourcast, where we speak to the label's founders and over-enthuse about its various releases, we've thrown together a playlist of some of the songs that have come out on Neon Gold as well as cuts by acts who may not have signed with the label but were, nevertheless, championed by its blog pretty much before anyone else knew anything about them.

One of the things we've always loved about Neon Gold is the way that they foster a sense of community amongst their artists. It feels less like a business and more like a family, or at least a group of friends with a mutual love of each-other's music. This has resulted in some fantastic remixes which, if they didn't appear as singles' B-sides, often surfaced on the blog as a free downloads. A definite favourite from these remixes is the Penguin Prison remix of 'I Am Not A Robot' by Marina and the Diamonds, which reworks Marina's heartbreaking pop into a DFA style floor-filler, complete with funky percussion and infectious synths.

Next up we have the song that started it all for the label, Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead'. It was the track that launched debut EP, Chunk Of Change, and in some audio-magic way holds the key to that quintessential Neon Gold sound that runs through the majority of its releases.

Before becoming an international star with her first album, Lights, Polydor soft-launched Ellie Goulding by siphoning 'Under The Sheets' to Neon Gold, for an added layer of cool. This Starsmith co-write (and production) remains one of Goulding's career highlights to date.

Most people are familiar with Gotye thanks to 'Somebody That I Used To Know', but the Australian artist is far from your typical one-hit wonder, as his Neon Gold single, 'Learnalilgivinanlovin', shows. A euphoric pop gem with Spector-esque production, glorious harmonies and some fabulous rolling drums, it's a short, sharp dose of pop perfection. Along with the melancholic 'Heart's A Mess' (both taken from the album Like Drawing Blood) this should have been the track to make Gotye a recognisable star.

Apart from his A+ remix work for Marina (as well as others including Lana Del Rey, Broods and Churchill), Chris Glover a.k.a Penguin Prison has released some fantastic eccentric pop himself, with Neon Gold bringing out Glover's first double-A-side, 'The Worse It Gets / Something I'm Not' in March 2010, ahead of his eventual eponymous debut album, which emerged the following year on Downtown Records. It was 'Something I'm Not' which particularly tickled our fancy, with its funk-ridden euphorica. Terrific stuff.

A number of artists from Neon Gold have gone on to become well-known names - to varying degrees - but not everyone has been so lucky. Swedish duo, Sound Of Arrows, created some wonderful electronic pop that was bright, optimistic and addictive, yet after releasing a debut album in 2011, they seem to have all but disappeared. 'Into The Clouds' is a great example of what they did well, with a huge chorus and shimmering synthesisers that give the track a warm, sun-drenched aesthetic. Their blissful electro-pop really deserved a much bigger audience.

Another Swedish act we had high hopes for but which appears to have, since, gone to pop heaven is Milano Sun. The Gothenburg threesome's gorgeous first release, 'Already Gone', received its premiere on the Neon Gold blog back in February 2012 and the chaps are reported to have had a full album's worth of material in the works to follow it up with. We would love to have heard it.

When The 405 visited Eurosonic earlier this year, one of our favourite gigs was Seinabo Sey's. She commanded the stage with a powerhouse voice and a humble smile and her songs were magnetic. As Neon Gold's Derek and Lizzy tell us in our Fourcast chat, watching Seinabo Sey play live in an intimate space is what it must have been like seeing Adele for the first time at the beginning of her career: an artist undoubtedly bound for greatness. Neon Gold started 2015 with the Stockholm-based singer's For Madeleine EP pressed on a 10" deluxe vinyl and 'Younger' is one of the stellar highlights from it. Another, less subtle artist would have gone for a guns blazing extravagant production on this number but not Sey - she lets her voice do the talking for the majority of the track and the big thrilling, sweeping section only arrives around the two-minute mark by which point you're already hooked.

Wolf Gang were the fifth release on Neon Gold, which put out their 'Pieces of You' 7" single in June 2008. Musically, it doesn't immediately sound like a characteristic Neon Gold release, but when you hear Max McElligott's vocals you think to yourself, 'ah, yes, there it is'.

At the time of going 'to print', the latest Neon Gold release is the infectious 'Careless' by Alex Winston. As you may have read in our recent feature on Winston, she suffered from writer's block when approaching the writing and recording of the follow-up to her brilliant debut album, King Con. If 'Careless' and its b-side, 'We Got Nothing', are anything to go by, then her new record will be one of this year's best pop albums. In fact, yes they very much are something to go by, because in June she also released a new EP, The Day I Died, and the amazingness blatantly endures, so there you go.

Remember how massive The Naked & Famous' 'Young Blood' was in 2011? Well, Neon Gold were one of the first "people" to recognise its humungous potential and it came out on a dinky 7" on the label in September 2010, backed with a stupendously titled track called 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!'. The monster hit was later covered by Jessie J in the Live Lounge and, despite some unnecessary vocal acrobatics, she managed to do it some justice.

The fact that she co-wrote Girls Aloud's 'Something New' should alone secure Tove Lo a firm place in the International Hall of Pop Royalty. She has also co-written 'Pieces', the 405's favourite track on the new MS MR album, How Does It Feel, as well as some incredible releases of her own such as 'Habits', 'Love Ballad' and 'Not On Drugs', from her Neon Gold EP, Truth Serum. The release also included the song we've chosen to playlist here, 'Out of Mind'. It has a great video, an amazing chorus and, rightfully, a chip on its shoulder for being relegated to 'bonus track' on Lo's subsequent debut album, Queen of the Clouds.

Neon Gold were getting excited about Icona Pop light years (well, a year and a bit) before the duo's ubiquitous 'I Love It' subsequently conquered the world. 'Manners', which made its way into the world in early 2011, may be light years (yes, we're going with this again) away from 'I Love It' sonically but its shouty, catchy chorus was a great blueprint for a band whose manifesto seems to be: hits.

When the Neon Gold blog first wrote about Mille's 'Crysteena', they said: "[w]ord on the street was bangers are dead, but it seems Mille didn't get the memo". They went on to describe the synth-wonder as the blue-eyed love child of Ratatat and Danger and they weren't far off. The Swede's instrumental twinkle game was strong and six years later we still love it.

A Neon Gold song-by-numbers (in a good way!) if ever we heard one, Wildcat!Wildcat!'s 'Mr Quiche' is a wonderful, pop swoonfest that we hoped would invade everyone's mp3 players of choice in a similar manner to The Naked and Famous' 'Young Blood'. We don't know much about the Los Angeles-based trio other than the fact that their eventual debut album, No Moon At All, finally surfaced last year. Make sure you watch the video we've playlisted - it's great.

Jean-Philip Grobler, also known as St Lucia, has the honour of being the first artist to release an album on Neon Gold. When The Night, born in October 2013, began a new era for the label which, up to that point, operated as a singles-only platform. Intricate record company/distribution politics unfortunately meant that the album didn't get a proper release in the UK but it is definitely worth paying that little bit extra to import it because it is ridiculously good. 'September', the track we have chosen here, should have been number 1 on every self-respecting chart around the globe and the fact that it wasn't is yet more proof that this world is going to the dogs. It's like that, it's just the way it is.

2010 saw the release of English duo, Monarchy's Neon Gold single, 'Gold In The Fire'. It was the vinyl's flipside, 'Black, the Colour of My Heart', however, that really got our attention. There's been some weird high-jinx in the Monarchy camp this year with an announcement in April that they were splitting up, although this was subsequently followed up more recently by news of a reconciliation. Pending new music later on this year (hopefully!), check out their stunning early material.

Our Essential Playlist ends with another flipside, this time from Neon Gold's second release, Marina and the Diamonds' 'Obsessions' 7" vinyl. We can't remember if 'Mowgli's Road' was technically considered a B-side or the counterpart to a doube-A-side but, either way, it was the perfect antithesis to the beautiful gloom that was 'Obsessions' and boasted an instant, sing-along chorus. It later got its own spotlight moment with a great video and a slot on Marina's debut album, The Family Jewels. What a tune!