Think like you’re in love. Think like modern and throwback sounds can live in harmony. Think like you’ve got a goddamn future in front of you because there’s plenty of positive energy from Chicago’s The Evening Attraction to go around. 'Out on a Trip' knows its strengths and is willing to be vulnerable with them. Buzzing organs and crystal clear vocals coat the psychedelic spectrum in a classic rock shimmer. But, the band flex a skill that many of their genre contemporaries lack: they’re able to take a massive groove and parse it down into just three minutes. With a bassline this funky, it’s easy to make things indulgent, but the band dodge an all too common pitfall and nail one of the best rock singles of the season.

The evening attraction will be releasing an EP in the near future. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with them.

'Out on a Trip' single artwork by Aaron Martin: