To celebrate the release of The Eyes In The Heat's Program Me album (out now on Kill The DJ Records), we asked the band to talk about their favourite DJs. This might be the only place that you'll find John Peel grouped in with Christian Marclay, but we're cool with that.

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Steve Bicknell

Steve is the resident DJ at LOST and is in our top 5 as the DJ as club DJ. We first started going to lost in the early 90's. This was our first exposure to chicago dance mania style house.

Steve and his club really pushed the American techno sounds from New York, Detroit and Chicago. His approach to DJing and making music was a big influence, certainly the use of texture and heavy minimalism was a big part of his signature sound.

DJ Premier

The pinnacle of the role of DJ-cum-producer, whose signature dusted, head-nodding compositions have laced tracks by virtually every major rapper in hip-hop. He may not be the most avant-garde of music-makers, but he's the absolute master of taking hip-hop's most basic structural elements – scratching, sampling, beat-juggling – and fusing them into something elaborate and magnificent.

John Peel

Thank god for the outspoken, open minded radio DJ. One the first 'selectors' or 'cultural filters' that we were affected by. We know that we speak for generations of Britiish people when we say this - but he helped shape our attitude towards music: an open mind and the ability to appreciate all different kinds of music. He would play african music, then some death metal, and then something by the Fall...

Miles Cleret of Soundway Records

Miles Cleret of Soundway Records represents the DJ as ethnographer, conservator and educator. He scoured Nigeria and Ghana for over a decade collecting and documenting tracks that had been forgotten or nearly out of print as a result of the massive decline in the record industry. His first release 'Ghana Soundz' quickly became an all time favourite record of ours. Here we've got his mix 'Dancing Time With Soundway'.

Christian Marclay

The idea of DJ as metaphor for the totality of how we interact with culture - through snippets, blending things, juxtaposition. Working mainly in the field of contemporary art, Marclay makes and creates out of the unwanted, the bits between songs, aural detritus – the garbage can of sound.