Label: The Fall Release date: 26/04/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon So, another new label, another new Fall album (the 28th, if you’re still counting. Album, not label that is, though they can’t be far behind). Now signed to Domino Records, home of such upstarts as Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, Mark E Smith has unleashed Your Future Our Clutter. And the verdict? Well, musically there’s no radical departure from any previous 21st century Fall albums. They’ve long eschewed the angular riffs and freak-beats that have since been appropriated by a host of bands on the Shoreditch scene at the moment, instead playing around with a more measured 60’s garage-based sound, with a bit of rockabilly thrown in for good measure (as you do). Similarly, Smith’s lyrics may no longer be biting comments on Container Drivers or the Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, but they still retain a caustic edge (even if they are frequently just plain bizarre). In that sense, Your Future Our Clutter ticks all the right boxes. The album kicks off with Bury! Pts 2+4, with its stomping, almost Glam-style riff, and sly referencing to Smith’s alleged squirrel-rage incident of a couple of years ago. OFYC Showcase carries on in the same vein, with a driving drum beat prefacing some random Smith musings, before dissolving into a keyboard and guitar freakout. Bury! Pts 1+3 revisits the album opener, though it does seem a bit unnecessary. Mexico Wax Solvent throbs with Dave Spurr’s fuzzed-up bass and Elena Poulou’s shimmery keyboards, while Cowboy George starts off as a twangtastic Spaghetti Western-style romp before disintegrating into an electronic weird-fest. Hot Cake is another stomp-along, whilst YFOC Slippy Floor (Medley) kicks off from a low-key beginning into a mosh-pit pleaser before wandering off into what sounds like someone forgetting to switch off their cassette recorder. Chino is a broody little number, with Smith musing “when do I quit?” before being followed by Funnel Love, another in a line of faintly silly Fall covers, this time of rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. Probably the most intriguing track on the album is the final track, Weather Report 2. It starts off sounding strangely reminiscent of New Order’s Lonesome Tonight, and then goes completely left-field into some sort of minimalist electro drone, before a whispering Mark E Smith tells us that “you don’t deserve rock and roll”. Your Future Our Clutter is not the album for the Fall novice. It’s not the best Fall album ever, but then it isn’t the worst, either. I think it’s better than 2008’s Imperial Wax solvent (which I found pretty patchy), and I think it grows on you upon repeated hearing. Still, regardless of any shortcomings, Mark E Smith and co live up to the maxim coined by late, great John Peel about the Fall– always different, always the same. Photobucket