Label: Underdogs Music Release date: 22/11/10 Link: Official Site With a brooding baritone voice that instantly reminds of Tom Smith of Editors fame, The Fanclub’s latest single ‘Poets Die Too’ is a soaring, dark indie-pop number that is somewhere between the epic and the melancholic. It’s an odd song, one which you’re not sure if you like or not. For a start there’s a guitar solo at the end of the song which would be much better suited and make much more sense in a Dragonforce track. Up until that point its strings and acoustics, very much following the standard indie-pop format but it’s hard to be exactly sure what this band is trying to be. Not that that’s necessarily a problem, but this fusion of epic and pomp makes the band seem a bit over-the-top and the song feels a bit disjointed. Acoustic B-side ‘Further’ is a much more intimate track, with the vocals of Josh Todd accompanied by a jangly guitar line, the occasional violin and a tambourine. It manages to be soulful without being too pompous, and in some ways it’s a better track. However, there is a lot of promise in this band, and previous single Madmen was widely acclaimed, so hopefully there will be better things to come from The Fanclub in future. Photobucket