Japanese band The fin. make the kind of music that radiates colour and emotion through use of gleaming synths that beam vibrant feelings straight out of your speakers. Their latest single, 'Snow (again)', perfectly encapsulates a moment of beauty undercut with frustration, carrying off this complex array of stimuli in a deceptively simple 2 minute song.

“This one is about my weaknesses, solitude, pain and defencelessness which get revealed by winter," band leader Yuto Uchino tells us, and we can certainly hear and feel that in the song. "It snowed again/ covers every state again/ there's more to say/ but I'm standing motionless always," he begins in 'Snow (again)', encapsulating that feeling of seeing something visually and undeniably beautiful, but at the same time feeling the weight of your body and soul dragging you down into drift as you try to maintain positivity. Easing out from there come The fin.'s signature helixing synth melodies, snaking around and scattering light like sun off of a field of snow. The song is finished in 2 minutes, but in that short space of time you feel as though you've stepped into Yuto's shoes and felt his concerns and restless spirit.

Listen to 'Snow (again)' below.

'Snow (again)' as well as our previously posted Track Of The Day 'Outskirts' will both appear on The fin.'s new album There, slated for a Spring release.

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