For Record Store Day 2012, The Flaming Lips released a collaborative LP with a myriad of different bands/artists titled The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, and on the vinyl version the last track was titled 'I Don't Want You To Die', which featured Chris Martin from Coldplay. However, with the LP being released on CD and digitally on June 26th, that track has now been replaced with a 'Tasered And Maced' which features Aaron Behrens from Ghostland Observatory.

'Tasered And Maced' is one of the oddest tracks that you'll hear all year but it's peculiar and weird in a charming way, backed by a haunting beat while Behrens talks about what seems to be a story about kicking a police officer in the nether regions. Just try it out...the track I mean. Do not kick a police officer between the legs. You can listen to the track below and be sure to pick up the LP on June 26th. [via TheFutureHeart].