Remember Sunbather by Deafheaven? Well, you might, but I don't. Not a jot. Never heard of 'em – sorry.

But it's ok, because the font (designed by Nick Steinhardt – what's his cut, I wonder?) that graced the cover of the album – which apparently attracted people from outside the elitist covens of black metal to listen to music at least slightly akin to it (or at least gave black metal a magazine-friendly look, to my understanding)– is now for sale, courtesy of All Black Recording Company.

Use it for everything. Maybe you need some signage for your Christmas party? Sunbather font. Or there's a new baby on the way in your family and you want to make a Congrats card? Sunbather font. School essay needs a title page? Sunbather font. The possibilities are endless.

Here is some spiel about the font:

Referencing similar historical type experiments by Jan Tschichold, it questions the mind to connect what the eyes cannot see when the thinnest strokes of a didone font evaporate. The results were then finely tapered and sharpened to create a stern and angular mood when set in text or large words.

Speaking of sick merch, there was a Sunbather blanket on sale. Limited edition very rare and all that. But now it's sold out.

Grab the Sunbather font here.

Now, here's the very first and only Deafheaven song I ever heard, just a few minutes ago. Let's relive that moment again… oh yeah… alright… feels good… inside… Whoops, wrong lyrics.