The Fresh & Onlys will release their new album House on Spirits on June 10th via Mexican Summer and you can hear new track 'Bells of Paonia' right now.

The band are one of the most sedate bands to come from San Francisco garage scene. They're generally come to be characterised by their clean melodies, and the straightforward approach to rock song writing that they perfected on their last album Long Slow Dance. But this time around theirs a little more gnarl to their guitars, a traceable Loveless ripple that works well with Tim Cohen's charming lead.

Stream 'Bells of Paonia' and see the tracklist below.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Home Is Where?
  • 02. Who Let the Devil
  • 03. Bells of Paonia
  • 04. Animal of One
  • 05. I'm Awake
  • 06. Hummingbird
  • 07. April Fools
  • 08. Ballerina
  • 09. Candy
  • 10. Madness

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